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Sentinel NH3 Anhydrous Row Monitor

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Sentinel NH3 Anhydrous Row Monitor

The best ISO anhydrous monitoring system on the market.

Sentinel™ NH3 software compares the temperature of each individual row by monitoring a sensor mounted just after the anhydrous manifold. The system instantly notifies you of any issues, ensuring that they can be fixed and you can get back to making money!

Yellow streaks got you down?

Uneven nitrogen application can cause yellow streaks in your crops. The Sentinel™ NH3 system allows in-cab monitoring of the anhydrous to every row of the applicator. This ensures even distribution of nitrogen and will get rid of ugly yellow streaks! Sentinel™ NH3 pays for itself in the long run.

ISOBUS Compatible

Utilize your display. Finally, a solution to plugged rows on NH3 applicators! Field-proven sensor technology coupled with SureFire’s Sentinel™ Isobus platform will give you peace of mind like never before. And, there’s no need to take up any more valuable cab real estate. Sentinel NH3 is designed to simplify anhydrous application in every way possible.

How it Works

The ROI of knowing. The SureFire Sentinel™ NH3 software compares the temperature of each individual row by monitoring a sensor mounted just after the anhydrous manifold. Sentinel™ NH3 software averages all of the rows and reports the average temperature on the screen. The operator can set the tolerance allowed in the settings and anytime a row gets outside of that range the controller will alert the operator.

Sensor Diagnostics

Easily identify and fix problems with sensors. With the Sentinel™ NH3, you can easily identify sensor issues. Simply go to the sensor diagnostics page and you can view all of the sensors on each row to confirm they are communicating back to the ISO module. Easily restart all the sensors by pressing the “Readdress NH3 Sensors” button and all the sensors will turn off and then back on. Sentinel NH3 puts complete control at your fingertips and ensures that the process of anhydrous application is as smooth as possible. 

Applying liquid with your anhydrous? The SureFire Sentinel™ ISO module can also monitor liquid at the same time.

You Get

  • Alerts for broken or plugged knives
  • Alerts for a bad section valve
  • Great for prescription application 
  • Alerts the operator within seconds when a row is under or over applying.
  • Independent set points for degrees over or under allow user to fine-tune margin of error.
  • In-line sensor monitors every manifold outlet
  • Ensure accurate row-to-row application
  • Detects full or partial plugs
  • Works with any rate
  • Control System
  • Add to Any Anhydrous System

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