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PinPoint™ II

Suitable For
Beans Canola Corn Cotton Peanuts Small Grains Sugarbeets Sunflowers

PinPoint™ II Sprayer

Apply with precision. Individual nozzle control with the PinPoint™ II system maximizes efficiency through increased accuracy. 

PinPoint™ II controls flow and pressure at the nozzle, in conjunction with individual nozzle boundary control, provides accurate and repeatable application to achieve the desired coverage.  Speed up, slow down, turn, overlap, or any combination of those variables will not affect the consistency built into this system. 

The award-winning individual nozzle boundary control software as well as CapstanAG’s signature availability and reliability leads the industry in precision application.

You Get

  • Individual nozzle control
  • Turn compensation
  • Real-time system feedback and diagnostics
  • Individual nozzle boundary control
  • Customized boom configurations based on user inputs
  • Droplet size remains constant through wide speed ranges
  • Wider application speed ranges
  • No over/under misapplication
  • Drift management
  • No crop burn from turning
  • Uniform pressure and droplet size
  • Chemical and time savings
  • User-serviceable valves with common tools

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