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CapstanAG™ products are primarily focused on precision chemical and fertilizer application systems for the agricultural industry. Turn compensation, reduced power consumption, and the highest flow capabilities on the market are now attainable, at an affordable price. The latest pulsing nozzle technology is now available for your turf sprayers with EVO™ Spray, the newest Blended Pulse technology by CapstanAG™.

A technology-based business, headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, Capstan utilizes an inventive process involving research, engineering, design, and lab and field testing for farm operations.

With strong ties to numerous university agricultural departments, company professionals, and industry experts across North America, CapstanAG™ is a trusted source for farm operation innovation solutions.



    The legacy continues with ultimate precision. PinPoint™ III ENVELOP™, the next generation of Blended Pulse PWM application, can handle the highest speeds, biggest booms, and largest flow rates with pinpoint accuracy and response.

    Apply with precision. Individual nozzle control with the PinPoint™ II system maximizes efficiency through increased accuracy. 

    The EVO Spray gives you turn compensation, reduced power consumption, and the highest flow capabilities on the market.

    The EVO Upgrade Kit is designed specifically to be a plug-and-play with AIM™ Command systems. Increase your sprayers performance, with added features such as turn compensation, high flow capabilities, and a real-time display in...

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