Smart Ag Solutions

Crossroads has product and service options to improve every operation. We specialize in selling, installing, and servicing precision agriculture equipment from Trimble Navigation to Precision Planting, as well as many other nationally and globally known companies in the industry. We have a solution for you.

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Precision Equipment Consultation

We provide consultations for custom precision hardware and software setup on your existing or new equipment. Let’s have a conversation about your pain-points in the field and we will give you workable options.

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Custom Planter Solutions

We ensure the offsets are entered correctly for section control, the monitor is set up, and the planter is set for optimal performance. Don’t let technology keep you from getting the results you want. We are here from consult, to set up, and in-field support to make sure our ag solutions work for you.

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Ag Correction Services

We outfit existing or new planters with navigation GPS to maintain efficiency and higher yields. No more wasted time or money, just more profit and less hassle.

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Service And Support Programs

You are trained as we customize your operation. Off season we hold in house classroom training and clinics from our manufacturers.

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Training and Clinics

We outfit existing or new planters with navigation GPS to maintain efficiency and higher yields. No more wasted time or money, just more profit and less hassle.

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MeterMax Ultra Planter Services

MeterMax Ultra Calibration Matters. You should be getting 98% or better accuracy from your meters, but typical meters run at only 92%-97%. When each additional percentage point is worth another bushel or two for every acre, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

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If you own land that you use for agricultural purposes, you can use technology to increase your yields and make your work easier. At Crossroads, we offer a number of smart Ag products for farmers across Nebraska (NE). If you are looking for smart Ag solutions, contact Crossroads today. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using technology as well as the specific products we offer.

Benefits of Smart Ag

At Crossroads, we want to ensure that our products help you, and one of the primary ways is by increasing your yield. Increasing your yield means more products, which leads to more profits. There are many ways to increase your yield. One way is by monitoring seed depth and soil condition.

Our technology can help you choose the right seed environment—not too deep in the ground or too close together—so that your plants can get the amount of sunlight and water that they need to grow. Use smart Ag technology to get the perfect soil conditions. You can also use precision planting to monitor your fields and plant at the right depth for optimal growth.

Smart Ag Products

No matter what crop you grow, Crossroads has products to help you. For example, we have smart ag products for crops like beans, corn, cotton, peanuts, grains, sunflowers, etc. You can also browse our products based on the use you need technology for. At Crossroads, we have products for the following agricultural uses:

  • Fertilizing
  • Irrigation
  • Measuring
  • Monitoring
  • Positioning
  • Seed delivery

We also have products such as displays, closing systems, sensors, sprayers, planting equipment, and more. For more information on smart Ag solutions for NE farmers, contact Crossroads by calling (402) 362-3709. You can also request a consultation by filling out our online contact form. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you with our smart Ag products.

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