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Marksman Precision Irrigation Injection

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Marksman Precision Irrigation Injection

Fertigation and Chemigation like you’ve never seen before. 

Marksman helps increase accuracy, reduce labor, and provides an accurate record of all applications. Marksman will provide producers and retailers a plethora of features not seen in most fertigation and chemigation systems.

Marksman keeps a record of all applications. Every ten minutes it logs new information, including field number, date, time, flow rate, set point, actual flow rate, pressure, and batch total. You will know exactly when, where, and how much is applied. 

Increased Efficiency in Record-Keeping Technology. 

Regulatory and supply chain reporting gives the information you need to keep accurate reports. It also provides records that could be utilized throughout a supply chain that would like to know more lucrative details of how your product was grown, especially when growing fruits, vegetables, and specialty crops. The log file is an excel file that can be downloaded directly from the Marksman using a USB drive or from the cloud. 


Marksman Hydra-Cell Pump

Durable and robust industrial grade pump with years of proven use in fertigation and chemigation applications. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) varies motor speed to achieve desired application rate.

Marksman 12VDC Pump

The economic solution for low pressure irrigation systems. This system utilizes a 12VDC motor to drive a diaphragm type pump. Works well in low pressure irrigation systems requiring low to medium application rates.

Marksman No-Pump

Add all the features of Marksman to your existing injection metering pump–flow measurement and control, water proportional control, shut down alarms, and record keeping. The Marksman for existing injection pumps provides VFD controlled output of your current pump.

Marksman 550 Tank Skid w/ Hydra-Cell Pump

550 gallon cone-bottom tank with variable speed propeller agitation. Factory assembled with Marksman Hydra-Cell system. Attach it to your trailer and it’s ready to go to the field


You Get

  • Flow measurement
  • Flow control
  • Water proportional control
  • Shut down alarms​
  • Batch mode
  • Auto run on power up

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