Precision Planting

Precision Planting is a leader in the precision ag technologies industry. Their focus on developing smart, practical products that improve planting, liquid application, and harvest operations for farms all over the world is what sets them apart.

Precision Planting addresses current agronomic issues facing farmers. They then take existing equipment and maximize the performance of the machinery and continue to provide practical education and resources for improvement, ensuring the seeds planted maintain their top-end yield potential.

Precision Planting makes adapting technology easy for farmers – saving them time and money, and making their planting and liquid applications more efficient.



    vDrive is a maintenance-free electric drive system that lets you breeze through planting without the headaches of a mechanical drive system.

    We all have variability in our fields, that is why farmers need DeltaForce. This automated row-by-row downforce control system continuously measures and adjusts downforce. Running a single downforce setting across an entire fie...

    Don’t delay emergence with an air gap that prevents seeds from making it to the bottom of the furrow. Precision Keeton SeedFirmers press each seed to the bottom of the furrow to improve seed-to-soil contact and give you a crop ...

    The 20/20 precision product is ideal for monitoring in the field. If you can’t see it, you can’t change it. The 20|20 system informs your farming decisions by monitoring, controlling, and diagnosing field conditions and equipme...

    Use SmartFirmer measuring in your field. A few seeds per field just doesn’t give you enough information to get a complete picture of whether or not your depth setting is correct, but SmartFirmer does.

    The Precision Planting Ready Row Unit features a depth calibration system which allows every row unit to be calibrated to the same depth before going to the field. A simple mechanism on the row unit allows you to turn a lock nu...

    Use YieldSense products for precision measuring. Our measuring products improve yields. How? We need to see inside the soil. It pays to know the liquid rate on each row. And getting accurate harvest data for spatial management ...

    FurrowForce gives each seed the chance to germinate consistently and adapts to your planting conditions. It’s a delicate balance that needs to be achieved, and there is significant yield opportunity in getting it right.

    Adjusting depth on your planter is time-consuming. SmartDepth allows you to quickly and easily make depth adjustments, from inside the cab, as conditions change.

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    //I like working with Crossroads because they are very intent on making their customers happy.//

    Jerry Stahr Local Farmer, Crossroads Customer

    //I enjoy working with Crossroads. If I have any questions, they are right there. They come and drop off any parts that are needed as well as help me get everything squared up, working well, and looking really nice.//

    Clay Fisher Local Farmer, Crossroads Customer

    //We had a tractor fire. A week later we got a new tractor and they had everything back up and running for us, so we were able to get our planting done. That's the service I want.//

    Leroy Hoffman Local Farmer, Crossroads Customer
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