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YieldSense measuring monitors calibrate many times throughout the season to give farmers data they can trust. It also makes calibration easier and offers spatial accuracy. This data empowers farmers to make accurate decisions throughout harvest. 

Simple Set Up and Maintenance

One calibration per crop, per season gets you started. Changing hybrids, varieties, and moistures within fields? YieldSense will keep you calibrated.

YieldSense offers real time yield reports by hybrid and allows for wireless data sharing between combines. 

Better yield data leads to better decisions.


Accuracy and Consistency

YieldSense is about getting accurate data for making decisions in the combine cab that you can trust. It is one of the most valuable decision-making tools in any farming operation. 

The YieldSense flow sensor is placed at the very top of the clean grain elevator to measure all of the crop as it comes off the paddle. Using a specially shaped clean grain paddle, the grain comes off of the paddle correctly and consistently across the flow sensor so variances can be measured easily.

You Get


  • Consistent data you can trust
  • Calibrations you can count on to stay calibrated
  • Easily measured variances
  • Tools to make better decisions

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