Cody Layman

Sales & Services
Crossroads GPS Inc.

Cody Layman
Since 2012, Cody Layman has worked in precision agriculture selling and servicing all products Crossroads has to offer. Customer relations and quality work are his highest priority and it shows. He has received awards from Trimble and Precision Planting on regional, national, and international levels. 

Cody and his lovely wife are raising two young boys. He enjoys the outdoors, spending much of his free time fishing and hunting. Don’t be surprised when he contacts you asking permission to fish the pond in your field or to hunt that tree line down by your creek. 

Cody’s strong work ethic and can-do attitude are a big part of why our customers love working with Crossroads. He listens to your concerns to make sure he finds the right solutions for your operation. 

//Their service is excellent, I love working with them. Cody is like my right hand man.//

Jerry Stahr Local Farmer, Crossroads Customer
Doug Roth
Doug Roth Golden Harvest Seed Advisor
Lacy Ann Lukert
Lacy Ann Lukert Office Manager
Wesley Williamsen
Wesley Williamsen President/Owner