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vSet Select

vSet Select is a multi-hybrid planting system that switches hybrids as you cross into different areas of your field allowing you to maximize the varying areas of each field.

Traditional planters only allow you to plant one hybrid at a time, costing you yield when the hybrid you are planting isn’t the best one for the area of the field you are planting in.

You aim to maximize yield by planting the hybrid that will do the best, on average, across the whole field. But yield environments often change in the same field, calling for different hybrids in different areas. You’ve had to make compromises, but not anymore.

With vSet Select, there are no compromises. You can plant two hybrids in the same row, switching back and forth as environments change, to plant the hybrid that will produce the most in each environment. Yield maximized.

Any mapping software can make the two-hybrid prescription shape file that is used by vSet Select or operators can manually switch from one hybrid to another.

You Get

  • Dual meter multi-hybrid
  • All-in-one precision engineering
  • A sophisticated controller that is simple and intuitive to use

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