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QuickDraw Spray Tender System

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QuickDraw Spray Tender System

Less time loading means more time spraying.

The SureFire QuickDraw is a fully automated spray tender system. Manually calculating product amounts is a thing of the past! With remote connectivity, simply enter acres, total gallons, sprayer application rate, and chemical rate per acre. QuickDraw then calculates the amount of each chemical in the batch, including manually added chemicals. 

Less loading means more spraying.

Create recipes through the integrated touch screen display integrated into the QuickDraw or enter them at your convenience on an iPad and transfer them to the controller later through the built-in wifi connection. Recipes are saved in the controller making batches easily repeatable!


QuickDraw 3000

QuickDraw Max is a fully automated spray tender system. Start by creating a recipe – the applied application rates/ acre for each chemical in the batch. Recipes are saved and used every time you load that mix of chemicals.

QuickDraw Lite

QuickDraw Lite provides mass flow or oval gear meter measurement of chemicals with refined features and operation. QuickDraw Lite is a manual or semi-automated spray tender system.

You Get

  • Automatic metering​
  • Fastest batch mixing​
  • Advanced record-keeping
  • ​No calculations required
  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • 200+ GPM water transfer

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