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Yetter Manufacturing Co. Farm Equipment remains a lasting and trustworthy partner to growers weathering the ups and downs of the agriculture industry since 1930. Today, Yetter is recognized as the industry leader in designing planting attachments and precision fertilizer placement tools.

Season after season, for the last 90 years, they have strived to engineer profitable solutions that meet the challenges producers face by designing products for residue management, seedbed preparation, precision fertilizer placement, harvest attachments, and more.

Their farm equipment is made to satisfy the diverse needs of customers in the U.S. and worldwide because their process starts in the field – where they can get a real pulse on the needs of farmers. Yetter Manufacturing successes are due to innovative products, quality manufacturing, and a world-class performance guarantee – with a dedication to on-time delivery.



    Efficiently unload seed from seed boxes into equipment with the 1300-175 Seed Chute Assembly.

    Field-proven for over 30 years, the Yetter 6300 Complete Coulter Cart is designed with parallel linkage, enabling easy adjustments to the operating depth and maintaining weight transfer from the tractor to the cart.

    The 71 Planter Unit is a mechanical-plate planter. Able to plant a variety of seed types, this unit is a great fit for food plots, small hobby farms, custom planting operations, and replant planter setups. The 71 Planter Unit h...

    Versatile and durable, the Yetter 6150 Hydraulic Markers create a highly visible mark with adjustable disc angles, even in tough conditions.

    The 9010 TrackTill is the only product specifically designed to eliminate the pinch-row effect—compaction caused by planter and tractor wheels that can greatly reduce yields.

    With Yetter's planter-mount fertilizer equipment, you get consistent fertilizer placement, compact designs, faster starts for crops, and some of the most flexible fertilizer openers on the market.

    From Our Clients


    //I enjoy working with Crossroads. If I have any questions, they are right there. They come and drop off any parts that are needed as well as help me get everything squared up, working well, and looking really nice.//

    Clay Fisher Local Farmer, Crossroads Customer

    //I like working with Crossroads because they are very intent on making their customers happy.//

    Jerry Stahr Local Farmer, Crossroads Customer

    //We had a tractor fire. A week later we got a new tractor and they had everything back up and running for us, so we were able to get our planting done. That's the service I want.//

    Leroy Hoffman Local Farmer, Crossroads Customer
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