Delta Force

DeltaForce takes your existing planter and adds a down force sensor and hydraulic cylinder to each row. This ensures all seeds are planted at the optimal down force, ensuring consistent depth while eliminating excess compaction, row by row.

DownForce Control Made Automatic

  • DeltaForce gets downforce right with automatic adjustments on every row
  • Incorrect downforce causes yield loss by creating late emerged plants or restricted root growth
  • It is challenging to know which downforce setting is correct

DeltaForce replaces the springs or airbags on your current planter with hydraulic cylinders and load cells that measure how much weight is being carried on the row unit gauge wheels and keep it consistent.  The operator sets a weight that should be carried on the gauge wheels, and DeltaForce does the rest, maintaining the same weight on the gauge wheels of every row, even across the variation of a field or from equipment.  With DeltaForce, the hidden yield loss from compaction is eliminated, and each row is planting at the depth that was set.  Great roots, great emergence, great yields.