20/20 SeedSense

High Definition Data for High Performance

20|20 gives you the knowledge that you need to maximize the performance of your equipment, your crops, and your farm

  • Every pass across the field needs not just data, but in-depth knowledge of the field and equipment
  • 20|20 provides a foot by foot agronomic view of your field
  • 20|20 helps you make better decisions in the moment

From Knowledge to the Ultimate Control

20|20 can be utilized as a monitor to help you simply collect the most spatially accurate yield data available and to provide information for setting the planter to maximize ear count. That same 20|20 also powers the most agronomically advanced systems on the market that control population, down force, liquid, multi-hybrid planting and higher speed planting, all while sensing the furrow; monitor seeding variance and control down force on a seeder; control liquid application on a sidedress bar or a sprayer. The 20|20 does all this and more to allow you to not only have the accurate data to make those crucial decisions, but also gives your equipment the powerful automation to make decisions as they pass through the fi eld optimizing every pass.