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Farmers experience up to 30% variability in the rate applied to each row with liquid control systems today. vApplyHD allows you to get the correct rate of liquid fertilizer to every plant in your field, ensuring your plants never starve and that your fertilizer ROI is maximized.

Making fertility applications at planting, as well as in-season makes sense in order to feed the crop exactly what it needs. The problem is that putting together a good system to get the correct visibility of rate and actually apply the correct rate is pretty confusing.

Instead of many components to meter, swath, measure, balance, and divide the vApplyHD system uses a pump control module and then control modules on the toolbar. The modules on the toolbar control flow, measure flow, and swath all in a single device.

These same modules can be configured in either section control or row by row control. Whichever way you decide to go, the result is your liquid fertilizer is applied at the correct rate and the 20|20 display in the cab gives you knowledge of how that application is occuring.

Flow measurement, flow control, turn compensation, and variable rate prescriptions. All of this is done by the on row vApplyHD module.

The same vApplyHD module that controls 5 gpa of in-furrow starter or 20 gpa of 2×2 nitrogen on the planter can be moved to the sprayer or the sidedress bar to control the 70 gpa application of nitrogen.

Make the investment of each module pay in multiple ways by moving the module and the 20|20 display from the planter to the sidedress bar or sprayer.

A simple way to get the accuracy that you want without investing in multiple control systems.


You Get

  • Less confusion
  • Speed and variability
  • Flow measurement
  • Flow control
  • Turn compensation
  • Variable rate prescription
  • One module between machines

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