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Smart Integrated Multi-Product Prescription Application System (SIMPAS) will enable farmers to prescriptively apply multiple products in one simple pass.

SIMPAS was awarded the 2020 “New Product of the Year” by SCOOP. Watch the SIMPAS 2021

The game-changing technology of the SIMPAS® application system will transform the way you plant.

SIMPAS is the next evolution in precision agriculture, allowing farmers to prescriptively apply multiple products in-furrow simultaneously at planting.

With SIMPAS, you pay only for as-applied acres, so you can profitably and sustainably address pressure areas that would otherwise go untreated.

SIMPAS also supports environmental stewardship with precise product application, fewer inputs per field, reduced worker exposure, and forensic-quality traceability.

You Get

  • Adaptable across multiple planter brands and models
  • Prescriptive, in-furrow application of multiple crop inputs
  • Delivers liquid and/or granular products simultaneously
  • Closed delivery system reduces worker exposure
  • Works with ISO-based displays
  • RFID-enabled Smart Tag™ technology provides automated record keeping

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