Laforge DynaTrac® Guidance Interface

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Laforge DynaTrac® Guidance Interface

DynaTrac® is a universal guidance interface. GPS tractor guidance benefits are recognized by farmers around the world. They ensure repeatable tractor positioning.

We use DynaTrac® because it slopes where the implement drifts, driven by its weight. Also, in flat fields – implements can drift laterally due to uneven soil condition across implement working width and unsymmetrical pull due to implement configuration.

You Get

  • Efficiency when coupled with a guidance system (GPS or camera)
  • One interface for all implements
  • An economical solution instead of buying multiple or new implement-dedicated guidance for each implement
  • Reduced fuel consumption and limited soil disturbance 
  • Optimized and fast harvest with no guess rows and harvester guided by seeding line
  • Decreased fertilizer application rate, positive for the environment and cheaper for you
  • Drip irrigation

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