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Setting row cleaners correctly is time-consuming and frustrating. CleanSweep allows you to make row cleaner adjustments from the cab, eliminating the frustration of getting row cleaners set and saving you time while planting.

Use the CleanSweep for emergence. Precision Planting creates innovative emergence farming technology and we bring it to your farm. Buying new planters is expensive and usually the row units and technology are the only things that need to be upgraded. The Precision Planting emergence products offer solutions that allow you to keep your existing planter frame, but upgrade to units and technology, for a fraction of the cost of a new planter. You’ll have the planter that you want and save a ton of money. 

You Get

  • Adjust row cleaners from the cab, correctly
  • Correctly adjusted row cleaners save time and end frustration
  • Prevent late emergence from heat and moisture loss, seedling diseases, and nutrients tied up by residues

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FurrowForce gives each seed the chance to germinate consistently and adapts to your planting conditions. It’s a delicate balance that needs to be achieved, and there is significant yield opportunity in getting it right.

The Precision Planting Ready Row Unit features a depth calibration system which allows every row unit to be calibrated to the same depth before going to the field. A simple mechanism on the row unit allows you to turn a lock nu…

Adjusting depth on your planter is time-consuming. SmartDepth allows you to quickly and easily make depth adjustments, from inside the cab, as conditions change.

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//Their service is excellent, I love working with them. Cody is like my right hand man.//

Jerry Stahr Local Farmer, Crossroads Customer

//The One-Step Bulk Fill is made in the USA by our team at Crossroads, for you.//

Wes Williamsen Crossroads GPS Owner