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Many diseases and insects originate from the base of the plant and work their way into the canopy. Traditional application methods target the top of the plant and product often doesn’t make it down to the target leaves.

360 UNDERCOVER makes in-canopy application possible – in corn, seed corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, sugar beets, sorghum and more. Compare coverage on the underside of the leaf.

Don’t Let Disease Win

White mold, bacterial blights, spider mites, white flies, sugarcane aphids, and soybean aphids can have a strong negative impact on plant health and yield potential, so it’s important to closely monitor these diseases and pests throughout the development of your crop. Get more precise coverage to target these pests under the canopy with 360 UNDERCOVER.

Easy add-on to the 360 Y-DROP system – slides up and down the riser for in-canopy positioning depending on crop growth stage.

Up to four multi-directional spray nozzles on each unit for customized spray patterns and 150-degree horizontal spray application.

Special shell design protects nozzles and moves smoothly under crop canopy.

You Get

  • Flexible fungicide, insecticide and nutrient applications
  • Under-canopy application
  • Targeted application

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By delivering bands of water directly to the base of the plant, 360 RAIN provides advantages over traditional irrigation methods.

360 Y-DROP lets you wait for your final application so you can adjust rates to match the crop’s needs.

360 BANDIT puts bands of liquid nitrogen in the sweet spot for early root interception and uptake.

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