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Anhydrous ammonia is an economical and practical way to establish a base application of nitrogen. Traditional cold-flow anhydrous application systems rely on tank pressure for distribution and injection. This makes these systems dependent on air temperatures – and is one reason for uneven distribution from knife to knife. It also limits the application window – too cold and there is no flow.

360 EQUI-FLOW keeps ammonia in its liquid state all the way to the knife, increasing row-to-row accuracy. Its pressurized system can operate efficiently and accurately at low temps.

How 360 EQUI-FLOW Works

  • Ammonia from the tank is delivered to the initial filter.
  • In the tower, the ammonia is separated into gas and liquid. The vapor is condensed back down into liquid and it all moves to the pump.
  • The hydraulically driven centrifugal pump pushes 100% liquid ammonia through the flow meter and control valve to the manifold.
  • The equal distribution manifold equalizes flow to each outlet.
  • Every row gets the same amount of ammonia in liquid state.

360 EQUI-FLOW Side-by-Side Testing

Tests with conventional systems and 360 EQUI-FLOW show the difference in row-to-row accuracy. At 120 pound application rate, the traditional system varied by over 20% and under 20% with a total error range of 45%. The 360 EQUI-FLOW application range was plus/minus 4%.

Centrifugal pump condenses NH3 into liquid for even application, regardless of rate and temperature.

Row-to-row variation shows up at the worst time for corn production. 360 EQUI-FLOW produces precision application for row-to-row accuracy.

Improved sealing at injection point, minimizing losses.

You Get

  • Precise row-to-row accuracy
  • Wider window of application
  • Keeps NH3 liquid all the way to the injectors
  • Improved sealing at the injection point

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