Speed Doesn’t Have to Kill

SpeedTube is one component of the high speed planting system from Precision Planting.  Row by row downforce control, accurate metering and drive, row cleaner control, and fertilizer rate control that doesn’t compromise accuracy over changing speeds all are part of a system that ensures that as speed increases, accuracy remains the same.  High Speed planting is not just a delivery system, it is a complete package.

Hit Your Planting Window

  • Feeder wheels grab the seed off the disk and place it onto the belt for delivery to the trench while maintaining superior singulation.
  • The belt controls the seed down the tube eliminating seed bounce and row unit ride issues.
  • The belt matches the speed of the planter and drops the seed exactly where it needs to be as SpeedTube eliminates seed roll and bounce.

SpeedTube combines with other systems from Precision Planting as part of a high speed planting system that ensures that as you speed up, yield potential is not going down.  SpeedTube uses two feeder wheels to pull seeds off of the vSet disk, into a flighted belt, and into the seed trench.  The seeds don’t bounce in the tube because they are under control, and they also don’t tumble in the furrow because the seed release is matched to ground speed.  The result is properly spaced seeds, and more acres covered in the ideal planting window.